About organic Ambrosia apple grown in British Columbia
BC grown Organic Ambrosia Apples - delicious and healthy apples
The Looks!

Better than red, the organic Ambrosia apple is bi-coloured, with an almost luminous pink/red blush over a creamy background. It is conical in shape and medium to large in size, with a tender, smooth and clear skin.

The Taste!

Ambrosia is a delicious, sweet, low-acid apple with a distinct honeyed aroma; it is crunchy and chin-dribbling-juicy.

  • Ambrosia apples are slow to brown when cut, so are ideal for salads, fruit and cheese platters. Try them sliced in airtight bags for lunches or snacks.
  • Slices retain their shape when cooked, so Ambrosia apples are superb for tarts or open pies.
  • Naturally sweet, organic Ambrosia apples require less sugar than most other varieties when used in cooking or baking.
  • Many of the health benefits of apples are to be found in the skin, and because their skin is so tender, organic Ambrosia apples do not need to be peeled.
  • To preserve its maximum crunch and sweetness, Ambrosia apples, like all apples, should be stored in the refrigerator.

The Season?

The organic Ambrosia apple is harvested in late September and apples should be available in stores in North America from early October until about April.

To taste that fresh-off-the-tree goodness:

  • buy locally
  • buy seasonally
  • buy quality
  • buy organic Ambrosia!