FAQ's about BC organic Ambrosia apples

organically grown Ambrosia apples in British Columbia and Canada

Q: Can we trust that the organic foods being brought to Canada are truly organic?

A: Yes, you can trust imported organic foods. All organic food entering Canada must be grown to Canadian organic standards. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency monitors these imports.

Q: How can I be sure that organic produce hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides?

A: When the produce is labeled ‘Organic’ you can be sure that the farms have been inspected and meet Canadian organic standards.

 Q: Why does organic cost more?

A: Organic farming is more labour and management intensive than conventional farming. Also, the price is determined by the market.

 Organic Ambrosia apples grown in B.C. - CanadaQ: Are organic fruits and vegetables more nutritious?

A: Many studies show that organic foods have increased quantities of vitamins A, C, E and the B group, increased elements such as zinc, increased minerals such as calcium, and increased fiber. Globe and Mail, July 6th, 2002.

Q: Can you call a product organic if the organic farm lies next to a farm that isn’t organic?

A: There are buffer zones between certified organic and non-organic farms. Any food grown within this zone between farms cannot be sold as organic.

 Q: Are organic apples waxed?

A: No. Organic apples are not waxed.

 Q: How should the Ambrosia apple be stored?

A: It is best to keep apples in the fridge.

 Q: Do I have to wash organic Ambrosia apples?

A: Yes. It is important to wash all produce before consuming unless the packaging indicates “ready to eat”.

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