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Organic Ambrosia Apples story
Our Story

In the 1990s, in the sunny Similkameen Valley of British Columbia, orchardists Wilfrid and Sally Mennell discovered a different shoot growing up in a newly replanted row of apple trees in Sally’s orchard. As the sapling grew, it bore a few beautiful apples…

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BC Ambrosia Apples -  Organically Grown
Certified Organic

Simply put, a certified organic apple is one has not been exposed to synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Becoming a certified organic farm requires adherences to strict rules and regulations as set out by the certifying body…

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About Organic Ambrosia Apples

Better than red, this unique bi-coloured beauty was created by nature to be honey sweet. Ambrosia’s crisp, champagne coloured insides are wrapped in an almost luminous bi-coloured skin of reds and pinks over a creamy background…

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